Welcome to the WELP website. We specialize in Secure Industrial Integration.

Secure: we are a group of certified cyber security specialists. We use the ISA/IEC 62443 standard to help our customers be cyber secure. We are not aiming for compliance alone. We really want to help to setup systems that are not only secure on paper but also in real life. We understand that people need to be able to do their work in

Industrial: We operate in the industrial environment. We know OT (operational technology) like the back of our hand, we understand PLC, SCADA, DCS etc. We can program IEC-61131-3. We have all the PPE’s and are not afraid to use them.

Integration: OT does not stand alone anymore. It the past IT and OT used to be 2 separate islands that used complete different technologies and both were under the impression that ‘the-other-one’ did not understand ‘us’. Now we start using the same technologies and our systems are getting integrated. This means the information needs to be exchanged. We follow the ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards to help you integrate IT and OT in a structured way without any vendor lock in.